What is Database Activity Monitoring (DAM): All You Need to Know

What is Database Activity Monitoring

Database activity monitoring (DAM) is the process of auditing activities within the database. These activities include database access and real time modifications. DAM tools analyze and report database activity like database access along with real-time modifications. They do so by correlating network logs with database logs. Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) tools provide real time info which help users become better prepared for retaining the confidentiality and integrity of their database. Let’s find out more about it.

What is Database Activity Monitoring (DAM): Purpose and Benefits

What is Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)?

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) is a security program for a database. It usually works without any user interaction. A DAM always observes the database and all changes that are made to it. 

Is Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) similar to database auditing?

Similar to database auditing, monitoring database activity goes beyond just notification of changes. It is capable of differentiating users and showing exactly what data users see, and its use is mandatory in many industries. DAM doesn’t interact with any record or audit trails and keeps working in real time.

Why do companies need Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)?

Companies today accumulate a large amount of data from their users and they need a database to store all that info. These databases usually hold a lot of private and sensitive info. Because of that, they are a red hot target of hackers. This makes database security non expendable. Database activity monitoring is a serious and detailed form of security. DAM works automatically for collecting information. It collects far more info than most other security measures.

How does Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) prevent information theft? 

Lower versions of database security may require an administrator to run the security program. If the administrator knows how to falsify records, he can steal data without the security method noticing. Database activity monitoring works as a real-time program. This program always runs and updates itself. It also collects database info without any administrator monitoring. A database activity monitoring (DAM) system prevents dishonest administrators from extracting valuable information from the database.

The database activity monitoring program runs constantly and collects information on almost every aspect of the database. The database audit only contains data about database changes and some high-level logins of administrators or managers. DAM watches everything that happens to the database, including who is watching what, when the data is opened, and many other aspects of a database. The DAM is often used as a record to show that a malicious attack occurred if a hacker attempts, or is successful, to decrypt the database.

Is Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) mandatory in some companies?

A lot of industries mandate database activity monitoring in order to avoid certain legal ramifications. Some of these industries include accounting firms, insurance firms and credit unions. Operating businesses of that kind without a DAM will result in legal action for unethical business practices.

What is Database Activity Monitoring and Prevention (DAMP)?

If some businesses require extra protection from hackers and unethical organization members, they can also acquire and utilize Database Activity Monitoring and Prevention (DAMP). This extension performs the same record keeping as DAM. In addition to that, a DAMP system also adds the ability to prevent access to the database if conditions are met or if the database feels like it is under attack.

What are some benefits of Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)?

  • Collect and securely store audit logs
  • Track database activity
  • Alerts on critical events
  • Detects external threats to databases
  • Detect suspicious insider trading activity
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations

So that was a brief look at database activity monitoring (DAM). Hopefully, you have a much better idea of the concept now.

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