Twilio Competitors: Top 20 Alternatives For Developers Looking For A Change

Twilio Competitors: Top 20 Alternatives For Developers Looking For A Change

As one of the leading SMS or Voice API providers, Twilio prides itself on its large developer community and easy-to-use modular API structure. But there are people looking for other options, so here are the best Twilio competitors for you to choose from.

Twilio Competitors: Top 20 Alternatives Ranked! 

When it comes to building communication channels and apps, it can be very tedious to provide different forms of communication like SMS, email, chat apps, voice calls and video calls. The most popular solution is to use Twilio. For people who are still not satisfied with finding a decent Twilio alternative, then you’ve come to the right place. Therefore, we explain what Twilio is and why it is so popular in addition to comparing major Twilio competitors in detail.

What is Twilio and why is it so popular?

Developers love Twilio.

Twilio is a developer platform for building messaging applications and services. It offers a powerful SDK for building apps that support sending, receiving and managing SMS, WhatsApp messages, emails, voice calls and even video conferences.

It simplifies the communications development process with a pay-as-you-go self-service model that has been widely embraced and has inspired many of Twilio’s competitors.

How much does Twilio cost?

There are two types of charges on your Twilio bill. Most fees accrue as usage-based usage fees, while others are billed monthly for phone numbers and other Twilio support service plans.

20 Top Twilio Competitors Ranked:

1. Plivo

Plivo is an easy to use and reliable API to make call logic. Pilvo is marketed as the #1 alternative to Twilio and endorsed by big names like IBM, Godaddy, and Accenture. Compared to Twilio, it has built-in recording and text-to-speech capabilities that cover multiple languages, making it attractive for banks and lending companies as a customer support service provider.

Call tracking and recording are pretty much efficient and simple which helps customers to customize the conference calls and notification. This is a highly responsive API and the implementation of call control is easily programmable in projects. As one of Twilio’s competitors, Plivo works nicely on cross platforms.

2. RingCentral MVP

The most used business VoIP service provider in the UK in 2017 where installation, maintenance and support are free. RingCentral is an established provider of VoIP calling services that reached maturity long before Twilio. However, they are now officially competitors. Since the advent of Twilio, RingCentral has shifted its developer-friendly approach to opening up more APIs, encouraging developers to build deeper, more integrated communications solutions compared to Twilio’s modular approach.

3. Bandwidth

Bandwidth offers a suite of API products for businesses and developers who want to add to their software and applications the ability to make voice calls, secure 2FA SMS, MMS, or emergency calls while accessing SIP services. trunking, routing, address verification, and porting.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp, is like no other real-time customer communications management software. This widely used company is a customer communications management software that helps businesses of all sizes create product catalogs and respond to customer messages or requests in real time. 

As one of the most common use cases for subscribing to a Twilio service, if your business is small enough to manage, why not sign up for the WhatsApp Business app directly? It allows you to connect personally with your customers, the interaction with your products and services becomes much better. The software provides end-to-end encryption to secure chats, voicemails, pictures, audio/video calls, etc.

5. Amazon Connect and SMS

However, another integrated messaging provider similar to Twilio has powerful cloud computing capacity thanks to Amazon’s server centers. Due to the centralized nature of Amazon services, Amazon Connect offers much more efficiency while Amazon SMS acts as a direct channel to customers and applications.

6. Ijura

Ijura is a cybersecurity platform for detecting malware threats. This is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that helps enterprises detect cyber threats such as malware attacks or phishing scams across internet of things (IoT) devices. Users can utilize the WiFi sniffing functionality that is found on Ijura to identify malware threats across wireless networks.

7. Vonage

Using this tool is very handy as it provides services otherwise not easily accessible for all such as sending SMS notifications abroad so that customers get needed information quickly without waiting. One major con exists in the form of hacking of services that were used by unwanted people.

8. MessageBird

MessageBird is a Telecommunication software that connects people everywhere in the globe. As described by overwhelmingly enthusiastic developers, MessageBird makes business communication as natural as possible at a reasonable price. Whether it’s voice calls, chats or emails, MessageBird offers you the complete solutions to integrate everything in one with well-documented APIs.

It offers text message, voice message, and even whatsapp message through the MessageBird software. This software gives 100% security data transfer in order to connect with their customers.

9. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a cloud-based call center solution for sales and support teams looking to improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and drive sales. Integrate CloudTalk with existing tools, buy phone numbers in 80+ countries, use 40+ advanced features, and track

10. CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics is known for being an all-in-one call tracking and call center management solution. It is a marketing attribution, conversation intelligence and call center solution. Record the complete customer journey across all your teams. Track all your conversations across phone calls, texts, forms, and chats through a single platform.

Talkdesk is the world’s first cloud-based call center software. It offers all the benefits of enterprise call center software, without all the complexity.

11. Jive

Jive is an all-in-one business communications in the cloud and is a leader in customer satisfaction with a focus on easy-to-use communication tools. Jive’s cloud architecture was purpose-built to provide a reliable and scalable unified communications platform. Customers love the award-winning dial plan editor and mobile access.

12. Call Center Studio

Call Center Studio is a cloud-based call center management software that provides businesses with tools to manage customer queries on a centralized platform. Key features include voicemail management, call recording, reporting, IVR, database administration, workflow configuration. 

13. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a suite of free communication, collaboration, and management tools. It is a free cloud and open source collaboration platform that offers tools for CRM, document management, task management, time tracking and project management. Used by over five million businesses worldwide, this is easily one of Twilio competitors. 

14. Five9

Five9 is a cloud software for call center and call center which  is an AI-powered call center and call center solution. This cloud-based solution offers omnichannel tools including inbound and outbound call management, predictive dialer, progressive dialer, chat, social media customer service, dispatch.

15. Plum Voice

Plum Voice is a great cloud provider for hosting IVRs which are very responsive and have good documentation for VXML. 

In addition, their forum is also quite useful to solve day-to-day VXML related programming issues. 

As one of Twilio’s competitors, ordering phone numbers from Plum Voice has a pretty quick turnaround of 1-3 days. Plum Voice has great analytic tools built in their portal that helps to understand the customer call trends within the IVR as well. 

16. Ringover

Ringover is a 100% cloud phone for startups and SMBs which offers voice, video, chat, call center and text messaging solutions. It is  focused on team productivity and directly configurable by managers. The secret: end-to-end technological mastery, a user-friendly interface and assistance at every step.

17. BeInContact

BeInContact is an Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution which helps companies of various sectors and sizes increase the loyalty of their customers, improving their Customer Experience and speeding up Sales processes.

18. NICE CXone 

NICE CXone is a Cloud Contact Center Software or a cloud-based call center software which enables better customer service with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Skills-Based Routing, Voice Recognition, Incoming/Outgoing Call Mixing, Workforce Management  (WFM), workforce optimization (WFO) and the only dialer.

19. Dialing Innovations Call Center Application Suite

Dialing Innovations Call Center Application Suite is a predictive dialer and call automation for call centers. This outbound calling tool is designed to aid call center operations by automating tasks such as lead prioritization, call distribution, recording of calls, detection of answering machines, etc. 

20. Cognigy 

With Cognigy, customer service can be automated through intelligent voice and chatbots. The low-code platform enables companies to process calls and messages from customers and employees in natural language and as you can see it is a platform that offers a lot of potential. The versatility of the platform and the fast implementation cycles in the project in connection with the possibilities of low code are currently the greatest advantages.

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