Should I Use Kodi In 2022? Yes, Only If You Do This!

Should I Use Kodi In 2022? Yes, Only If You Do This!

The Kodi platform helps users of all types (long-term users and newbies) with movies and series at their fingertips. But suspiciously, the platform seems too good to be true which makes people ask: Should I use Kodi? Is it legal? TO BE HONEST, it is completely legal to download and use Kodi, and official Kodi addons for services like ESPN or YouTube are also legal. 

However, THE CATCH comes in the form of plugins created by third parties. The open source nature of Kodi means that developers can continually add to Kodi’s functionality (and do), and some add-ons allow users to access content whose origin exists in a legal gray zone. For example, when content protected by copyright is retransmitted legal problems arise; however, using plug-ins and third-party apps can also pose security concerns as they could expose you to malware and other Internet threats. 

All of this is to say that the best way to protect yourself from threats and avoid legal issues is to use a VPN to watch Kodi content. 

Should I Use Kodi? Is It Safe And Legal?

3 Steps To Use Kodi With A VPN:

  • Select a secure VPN and sign up. 
  • Next, download the app and install a VPN on the device you’ll use for streaming.
  • Choose a server in a certain location, connect and start enjoying your favorite content on Kodi.

Why Should I Use Kodi With A VPN:

Is Kodi illegal? Why do I need a VPN to stay safe when using Kodi? 

Some experts say that you might get into legal trouble just for watching a movie, but the laws are so vague that the laws not only change constantly but also depend on the local regulations of the country from which you access the content. It is very possible that broadcasting copyrighted content could bring you legal problems with local authorities.

While we do not encourage illegal activity, we do believe in privacy and freedom on the Internet. You may not always have a way of knowing if the content you are viewing is legal or not, and for this reason alone it makes sense to hide your identity when accessing streaming content. 

If you don’t use a VPN for Kodi, there will be other issues to consider if you decide to use Kodi unprotected. For example, if you watch a lot of content on Kodi, your ISP might notice and slow down your connection or even cancel your contract, and no one wants that.

So, How Can I Use Kodi And Enjoy The Streams Safely?

Apps available in the official Kodi repository probably won’t give you any trouble, but third-party addons that allow you to access content from outside the official repository could contain malware if not spyware which can harm your device. 

The best way to detect yourself and your device is to make do with a VPN.

A VPN encrypts your traffic, hides your identity from your ISP and authorities, and protects your personal information and devices from potential third-party plugin security vulnerabilities.

How Can I Select A VPN for Kodi? 

  • A VPN is the best way to be safe on the Internet and an absolutely essential tool if you want to stream content without any hassle. That being said, how does an individual select a VPN with so many options on the market? 
  • If you plan to watch content with Kodi, you should look for one that offers unlimited bandwidth and has good speed. The size of the server network is also important; the more locations and servers, the better. If you want to be able to access geo-blocked content on Kodi, you need a VPN that has servers in the countries of that content.
  • If you want to stream content from providers like Netflix or the BBC, you need to make sure your VPN can bypass their VPN blocks. 
  • 24/7 customer support is always handy, and another big plus is a free trial or money-back guarantee that lets you test the VPN risk-free before committing to a long-term plan.
  • If you especially value privacy, look for a VPN provider that has a no-logs policy and advanced security features like a kill switch and DNS leak protection. 

What Else Can a VPN Give Me?

If you want to enjoy the Internet from anywhere in the world safely and anonymously, it is best to use a VPN whenever you connect to the Internet. Many of the problems a VPN solves for Kodi users are also applicable to everyday internet use.

A VPN can keep you safe from hackers, malware, and other Internet threats. This is especially important if you use public Wi-Fi and want to be sure that no one can access the private information you send to the web.

A VPN disguises your location and identity on the Internet, allowing you to bypass geo-blocks and censorship. This means that you can access all your favorite content from anywhere in the world, a great advantage if you are going to travel and want to keep up with the series you usually watch at home or if you would like to access content from another country that has geographical restrictions.

For more information on how a VPN works and what it can do for you, read our VPN guide for beginners.

There are security, privacy, and anonymity issues on the internet every day, and there is no better precaution than using a high-quality VPN when using apps like Kodi.

What Are Some Other Apps Like Kodi?

To get the most out of an unlocked Fire Stick, a Kodi user can use any other app which have been classified into two sections:

1. Standalone applications

The following are some examples of the apps that are standalone, that is, these apps have a specific purpose, like watching movies, shows, live TV, etc.

  • Cinema APK
  • Cyberflix APK
  • royal debridement
  • net tv live
  • wave tv
  • HD Streamz
  • synchronizer
  • Film Plus
  • TeaTV
  • Stremio
  • peacock tv
  • SmartTubeNext
  • Pluto TV
  • fast streamz
  • airy tv
  • Bee TV
  • Sapphire Secure IPTV
  • high definition cinema
  • Mobdro
  • titanium tv
  • FreeFlix HQ
  • sky news
  • CBS News
  • cyberfixtv
  • unblockmytv

2. Plug-ins or bundled applications

The following are examples of apps that work like a third-party app store and can be used by a user to install a bunch of other apps.

  • Aptoide TV
  • Unlinked App Store

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