Next Prime Warframe: What Is Coming Up? 3 Options!

Next Prime Warframe: What Is Coming Up? 3 Options!

In its titular game, Prime refers to any Weapon, Warframe, Sentinel, Archwing, or accessory made with Orokin technology or in other words a biomechanical weapon used by the Tenno to combat the corrupt factions and savage mutations that threaten the Sol system. The Warframe enhanced mobility, possesses regenerative shields, and a variety of supernatural abilities, further increasing Tenno’s combat arts and lethal abilities. Here are 4 possible options for the next Prime warframe with an overview of how each Warframe works. 

What Will Be The Next Prime Warframe? 3 Of Them

1. Harrow Prime (Late 2021 or early 2022)

Features for Harrow Prime:

Primed Continuity: +Ability Duration.

Streamline: +Ability Efficiency.

Transient Fortitude: +Ability Strength, -Ability Duration.

Primed Flow: +Energy Capacity.

Stretch: +Ability Range.

Blind Rage: +Ability Strength, -Ability Efficiency.

Natural Talent: +nice mode Ability Casting speed which makes Harrow a lot more efficient thanks to handling gunplay while casting your abilities.

Augur Message: +Ability Duration.

Harrow Prime is the latest Warframe to receive the Primed treatment. Primed Warframes are the gold counterparts of normal frames that have slightly better stats, but a more gold style overall. The Priest’s framework for shields, energy, and precision shots is very versatile. 

This version focuses on a more team-oriented style of play. Harrow’s [Prime] can use shield and energy regeneration, healing, damage mitigation, and critical damage buff, he can prove to be a very powerful ally. Neither capacity is necessarily unnecessary. Harrow is one of the few Warframes to have a kit where every ability has its uses.

2. Khora Prime (Spring 2022)

Features for Khora Prime:

Vitality: +Warframe Health.

Constitution: +Ability Duration.

Primed Continuity: +Ability Duration.

Stretch: +Ability Range.

Augur Reach: +Ability Range.

Overextended: +Ability Range, -Ability Strength.

Streamline: +Ability Efficiency.

Intensify: +Ability Strength.

Khora is one of the many characters available in Warframe, a whip-wielding, savage bloodthirsty who epitomizes deadly versatility. Her main blueprint can be obtained from the Massacre at the Sanctuary quests, which are unlocked by beating The New Stranger side quest and accessed through Cephalon Simaris, in her Sanctuary from any Relay. Khora has the peculiarity of having her own exclusive companion, the Kavat Venari, who fights alongside him from the beginning of all missions. Khora is able to chain her enemies to impose deadly discipline using whiplash, claws, and jagged steel. Together with Venari, she can create real chaos on missions. 

Required Mastery Rank: 0

Health: 125 (375 at rank 30)

Shield: 100 (300 at rank 30)

Armor: 275

Energy: 125 (188 at rank 30)

Speed: 1.05

Khora’s abilities are as follows: 

Passive Ability: The Fierce Kavat of Khora, Venari, fights by Khora’s side and grants her an additional 15% speed while active. If she dies, Venari will respawn after 45s.

Claw Whip: Leaves enemies reeling with a deafening whiplash.

Ensnare: Imprisons a hapless target in living metal, trapping others who get too close. Whipclaw will reset the trap allowing it to capture more enemies.

Venari: Commands Venari to focus on a target. Hold to switch between Attack, Protect, and Heal stances. If Venari dies, use this ability to instantly revive.

Strangle Dome: Weaves a dome of living chains that ensnare and strangle any enemy within it and anyone foolish enough to approach. Enemies outside the trap will attempt to hasten the death of their comrades by shooting at them. Hit the dome with Whipclaw to deal damage to trapped enemies.

3. Garuda Prime (Fall 2022)

Features for Garuda Prime:

Intensify: +Ability Strength.

Primed Flow: +Energy Capacity.

Stretch: +Ability Range, as it affects all of her abilities.

Primed Continuity: +Ability Duration.

Vitality: +Warframe Health.

Healing Flame: +Healing, every time you hit an enemy with your Fire Blast.

Rolling Guard: +Healing, when rolling.

Rapid Resilience: -Status Duration.

Garuda Prime arrives in Fall 2020, bathed in crimson red and shimmering gold! Add Garuda Prime, exclusive Prime accessories, weapons, power-ups, and more with Prime Access, or get in-game Relics to build Garuda Prime, Nagantaka Prime, and Corvas Prime in your foundry.

Garuda Prime and her exclusive Prime gear criss-cross the battlefield spilling blood with their razor-sharp claws. Experience Garuda’s renewed abilities and witness the bloodthirsty queen become more and more deadly as she sheds her blood. Garuda is a Warframe with a lot of latent and is pretty strong and if you enjoy her abilities you can use her in most missions. Unfortunately your teammates will be getting the same damage output with fewer clicks. 

Garuda Prime will not be a difficult Warframe to obtain if you like doing the open-world missions, with all of her components available through Orb Vallis bounties. Hopefully, the Prime comes with a revamp that is worthy. 

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