How To See Deleted Reddit Posts: All You Need To Know

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts

Reddit is a popular online messaging forum with a wealth of information on various topics. While browsing, there may be some messages or comments that can be deleted or removed for various reasons. If comments posted by users violate Reddit rules, they are automatically removed, or those who ask questions can remove misleading or non-spamming comments. For whatever reason, you can view or view deleted Reddit posts and comments using these three tools.

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts: Steps To Follow

How to see deleted Reddit posts and comments?

Below are three methods for viewing deleted Reddit posts and comments:

  1. Removeddit
  2. Ceddit
  3. Wayback machine

1. Removeddit

The easiest way to view deleted Reddit posts and comments is to use Removeddit. A simple change to the URL does all the magic.

(1) Copy the URL of the message whose deleted comments you want to display.

https: // www. reddit com / r / PublicFreakout / suggest / gee66j / good_ole_american_police_protecting_the_city /

(2) Paste the URL into the new tab and replace “Reddit” with “removedit”.

https: // www. removeddit com / r / PublicFreakout / suggest / gee66j / good_ole_american_police_protecting_the_city /

(3) All comments posted on the topic will be displayed on the screen. Deleted messages on Reddit are shown in blue and comments removed by moderators are shown in red.

2. Ceddit

Ceddit is another quick fix to read deleted comments on Reddit. As a removed item, you need to make a small change to the relevant URK.

(1) Copy the URL of the relevant topic.

(2) Replace “ R. “ Reddit ” C. “.


(3) Deleted comments are displayed in red.

3. ReSavr app

The ReSavr program is a program that allows you to view the deleted comments under any thread or post. That’s how it works.

ReSavr can save all deleted comments as long as they are longer than 1000 characters in total. If the comment is shorter, ReSavr may not be able to find it or disclose it to you.

Just drag the cursor over the deleted comment while using ReSavr and you can see your deleted comment. ReSavr is very simple and works very well.

4. Wayback machine

Unlike the three methods mentioned above, the Wayback machine works differently. It is a popular web archiving service and it takes screenshots of all websites.

(1) Copy the topic url to Reddit.

(2) Visit for a new tab.

(3) Paste the URL and select Browsing History.

(4) The wayback machine will display a calendar with a blue circle on the dates. The circle indicates that the screenshot of this particular message was taken on that date.

(5) Pressing the version will display a screenshot taken on that particular date.

Unlike other methods, the Wayback Machine used to view deleted Reddit comments has been deleted. To get this method, you need to know when the comment was deleted or removed on Reddit.

Of all the tools available, Removeddit is the easiest tool to look for deleted comments and messages as these things are shown in different colors.

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