How To Pin A Comment On Instagram: Simple, Quick Explanation!

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram: Simple, Quick Explanation!

On Instagram, you can easily find spades of comments if your post is trending. One of the comments might perfectly sum up your look, it could be a celebrity comment or a comment that will bring in more replies. In this case, you need to figure out how to pin a comment on Instagram! Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Learn How To Pin A Comment On Instagram – It’s Easy!

The popular social media app, Instagram offers a wide array of command options to take control of your comments section. 

It has become a staple in many people’s everyday life — though not everyone completely understands how to use the site. Some new features that Instagram has been implementing can be confusing, like pinning comments on your posts.

But, pinning a comment to your post is actually a really easy process and the option to pin comments to the top of all your other comments on your post, can be a really lucrative move on your part! For example, a comment with more information leading followers to a website can be insanely helpful. 

So without wasting any more time, here’s how users of Instagram can learn how to pin a comment on Instagram (and much more) in your comments section.

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram Step-By-Step Guide

  1. To start, open Instagram and locate the comment you wish to pin at the top. 
  1. Once you find the comment (that your followers wrote), swipe from right to left on it.
  1. Next, identify four icons for different interactions —these include  reply,  report,  delete, and the last one is for the interaction to pin the comment. 
  1. The icon to do this looks exactly like a pin or a little pushpin which we use in real boards in the office. 

So essentially this is all there is to it, you have now learned how to pin a comment on Instagram, haven’t you?

Other FAQs:

How many comments can I pin on Instagram?

On Instagram, a user can pin up to three comments on any post. So not just one, or two, you can pin 3 incredible comments!

More interestingly, you can also un-pin comments if you change your mind about it later. 

All you need to do to un-pin a comment is to simply swipe from right to left on the comment again and de-select the pin icon.

Can you pin your own comments on Instagram?

As of 2021, and 2022, there is no way yet for users of Instagram to  pin their own comments to their posts making this the MAJOR caveat to Instagram’s pinned comments feature, because other platforms do it – yes, on  YouTube or TikTok you can pin your comment. 

In other words, other platforms like on YouTube and TikTok offer a pinned comment feature. 

This feature for a selective pin by the original creator is an amazing way for users to engage with. 

In addition to having this feature of pinning your own comment provides more direct responses to other users for clarification or a website redirect  once the video has been posted.

Meanwhile, the feature on Instagram though, was implemented to counter cyber-bullying, giving users the option to highlight comments that were more positive to silence the negative  comments with the majorly positive stuff right on top. 

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