How To Download Among Us Background? Plus Extension Features!

How To Download Among Us Background? Plus Extension Features!

Among Us background wallpapers brings a new look in a new tab page with galaxy, space, and alien themes created for Among Us fans. Plus you can use photos based on this game, as a screensaver which is perfectly sized for your phone. 

Among Us Background: Where To Get Wallpapers, Extension Features, and How Among Us Works!

The independent game Among Us became viral in 2020 and many people who don’t even play video games often decided to join this wave for the cool space related Among Us background where there are funny game scenes, game characters on a black or space background,  beautiful and epic drawings amongst others. For those who don’t like to play on mobile, there is a way to enjoy the game for free on the computer. The best part is that you don’t even need a powerful PC to do this, but you might run into problems along the way.

The among Us background extension features some of the best artwork to make you feel excited to visit your Chrome browser. You can simply choose your favorite Among Us backgrounds from a variety of designs in the new tab page.

A collection of the top 34 Among Us background and wallpapers are available for download for free on wallpaperaccess’s website. 

Extension features for Among Us Background:

1. Offers different Among Us wallpaper backgrounds.

2. Get a custom web search bar.

3. Sticky notes offer the Among Us feels in completing real-life tasks. 

4. Get easy access to personal frequently visited websites. 

5. Get easy access to personal bookmarks websites.

What is Among Us? How does Among Us work?

Developed by Innersloth, Among Us is a multiplayer game for four to ten players which has now been increased to fifteen players. One to three of these players are randomly chosen to be imposters, while the others are crew. The game can take place on one of four maps: The Skeld, which takes place in a spaceship, Mira HQ, which takes place in a headquarters building, Polus, which takes place in a planetary base, or The Airship, which takes place on a Henry Stickmin series aircraft.

As we mentioned above, each player takes on one of two roles—most are Crewmates who are given various tasks to complete on the map. Their tasks come in the form of minigames, consisting of maintenance work on vital systems such as engine fueling and electrical rewiring. 

The other role goes to the Imposters who are given a fake task list to blend in with crewmates and have the ability to sabotage map systems, walk through gaps, identify any other imposters, and kill crewmates. If a player dies, he becomes a ghost; Ghosts have the ability to become intangible, and thus pass through walls, but can only interact with the world in limited ways and are invisible to all but other ghosts. All Among Us players except ghosts have a limited cone of vision, which allows gamers to hide from view of other gamers, despite the game’s top-down perspective.

Crew members win by completing all tasks before they are killed or by finding and eliminating all imposters. For imposters to win, they must kill enough crew members so that the number of imposter(s) is equal to the number of crewmates or have a sabotage countdown timed out; The ghosts’ objective is to help their living companions, completing tasks if they are a dead crew member, or carrying out sabotages if they are a dead imposter. When an imposter performs sabotage, there is an immediate consequence (such as all lights being turned off) or a countdown begins, and the sabotage must be resolved before it ends, or else all crew members will die. Sabotages can be resolved by Among Us players in a number of ways, depending on which sabotage is done. The game can also end if a gamer leaves the game, and doing so may set victory conditions for both groups.

If a player finds a dead body, they can report it (this action, known in-game as “report”), which will lead to a group meeting where the game is stopped and the gamers discuss who they believe an imposter is, based on the evidence surrounding the death.  To help determine the identity of the Imposters, there are several tracking systems on each map, such as a security camera system on The Skeld and The Airship, a door log on Mira HQ, and an indicator of vital signs in Polus. If the simple majority is attained then the chosen person is ejected from the map and is turned into a ghost, being instantly disqualified from the game. Among Us players can also call an “emergency meeting” by pressing a button on the map whenever they want. 

The game is played over text chat, where Among Us players can only communicate during meetings and only if they are alive, although ghosts can talk to each other. Although the game does not have a built-in voice chat system, it is common for Among Us gamers to use external programs such as Discord while playing the game. 

9 Interesting Facts About Among Us:

1. Among Us graphics are surprisingly beautiful and well designed for the game type:

Among Us is a great game to play and even a great game to watch others play. After all, this is a party game meant to be played with your friends and family. The character models are unique and unique enough to have their own personalities. Among Us can be easily distinguished from other games thanks to the design of the characters and their settings.

Animations also accompany this graphic level. The game can run at 60fps at its best optimization. Navigate the map performing simple actions that look and feel good throughout the game. Even with this simplistic artistic choice, it’s easy to appreciate the effort, creativity, and imagination that went into this game. Remember that this is a party game, so the light atmosphere complements the style choices perfectly.

2. Football craze: 

In Brazil, footballer Neymar and a Youtuber named Alanzoka broadcast Among Us live, and the pair reached over 100,000 viewers. In the country of Brazil, an Among Us meme appeared in question 81 in a test carried out by FUVEST on January 10, 2021. Among Us was also so popular for children that during another test, this time a chemistry question, the participant was to find the “imposter element” according to its characteristics.

3. Among Us was created back in 2018:

This game developed by InnerSloth LLC has been available for mobile devices for some time now. In fact, it was launched back in November 2018 but only since recent months has it become enormously popular to the point of becoming a true mass phenomenon.

Part of its popularity and fame is due to the fact that some well-known Twitch stars and YouTubers began to play the game and share their games with their followers.

Not only that, most gamers will remember with some nostalgia the classic card game “The assassin” in which a player had to discover the player who had the card that assigned the role of assassin. Well, Among Us offers a very similar gameplay. Unfortunately, its popularity is such that it is not surprising that the game’s matchmaking system gives the occasional error.

4. Speaking of the errors, it used to be worse:

Following the game’s popularity, the team had shifted focus to a sequel, Among Us 2, saying that the codebase for Among Us was “outdated and not built to support the adding so much new content.” During this time, composer Willard and Amy Liu (the artist of Among Us) continued to update it, increasing the maximum player base, adding four servers, three regions, and larger game codes to allow more concurrent games to be supported. However, in September 2020, the team canceled the sequel, opting to support the original game and add all of the content intended for the sequel, due to the original game’s increased success, which reached 85 million downloads globally. 

Over the next few years, plans were announced to fix the game’s server issues; in addition, add color blindness support, a buddy system, and a new map based on the Henry Stickmin series, which was created by Bromander. 

The Innersloth team announced their plans to fix several of the game’s server bugs and to ban hackers and toxic gamers, for example in the beta version of Among Us on Steam, symbols were added in the task of fixing the wiring as support for color blind people.

Other plans also include improved gameplay for ghosts, and the addition of more customizable options. Soon after, a full remaster of the game’s art style was announced, with games supporting up to 15 gamers, six new colors, and a new meeting screen, and revamp of the game’s design, was released on June 15, 2021, during the game’s 3rd anniversary.

5. Here’s what you expect from Among Us:

Among Us is a simple, fun and tremendously addictive game. It is one of those games that are chosen to have an entertaining time, but then you can not stop playing. Thus, when you realize, you have already spent several hours in front of the screen.

The games turn into an exciting game of deception in which each player tries to convince the rest that they are not the impostor.

As we mentioned above, you can expect simple two-dimensional graphics, which are quite neat and give the game a very casual look.

In terms of music, the best thing is the melody that accompanies the menus and that prepares you perfectly for what comes next. Of course, it is worthy of the best horror movie.

The controls are really simple and intuitive, it won’t take you more than half a minute to get familiar with them. On the left you have the touch control of scrolling. On the right, there are the icons that allow you to carry out the different options such as using any of the elements of the map or reporting an event.

6. Play online multiplayer matches with up to fifteen players:

One of the attractions of Among Us is that you can play both on a local network and in fun multiplayer games over the Internet. After all, it’s always more fun to play against other human players. And much better if they are your friends. Of course, be careful because you may discover that they are not as good friends as you thought. Ultimately, you’re going to have to convince the other players that you’re not the impostor. Or maybe you are.

FUN FACT: Initially you could only play online multiplayer matches with up to ten players. 

7. A new version for 2022:

Given the enormous success of the game, the developers have announced the release of a sequel for next year.

About the news that it will bring at the moment there is little news. At the level of gameplay, so far it is only known that it will be possible to embody new roles and that it will admit more players. In addition, it will also allow players to be reported and improvements in the search for games.

8. Among Us is a free game but there is advertising: 

Among Us is a completely free game for Android, although it includes advertisements that are played once the games are over. The advantage of this system is that you can enjoy the game in peace. However, you will always have to watch one of the advertising videos before playing again. And the truth is that sometimes the ads are a bit long and heavy.

In addition, the game also includes purchases. Fortunately, what you can buy only affects the aesthetics of your character.

9. The best way to enjoy the game fully unlocked is Among Us Mod Apk:

To enjoy the game without limits, fully unlocked and without ads, you just have to download Among Us APK mod for free. Here you can begin enjoying one of the fashion games with your friends, so don’t think twice and download the latest version of Among Us Apk mod for your Android device now. 

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