Everything You Need to Know About Axie Infinity

Everything You Need to Know About Axie Infinity

We first saw the emergence of blockchain gaming in 2021. Leading the pack and demonstrating the enormous potential & product fit for the use of blockchain in gaming is Axis infinite. Play-and-earn is a new gaming paradigm that has emerged as a result of the incorporation of blockchain technology. The Philippines provided the finest illustration of how to use a crypto-based game, specifically Axie Infinity, to bounce back from a faltering economy. A global epidemic that caused employment losses provided an alternate source of economic. It’s interesting to note that even after the limits were removed, many gamers kept playing. Everything you need to discover about Axie Infinity is provided here.

What is Axie Infinity?

The blockchain game production firm Sky Mavis, which specializes in making games with player-owned economies, develops and owns the online game Axie Infinity. The main distinction between this game and Pokemon is that it incorporates the idea of NFTs, allowing players to fully own and monetize their in-game assets. The game includes many card-based elements we have grown to love in Pokemon.

Before the release of a free-to-play version, users had to buy three Axies from the internal market to start the game. Here, veteran gamers might try to turn a profit by selling their various leveled Axies to others. In the latter half of 2020, one Axie—Angel, a triple mystic-trait Axie—sold for 300 ETH. That is equivalent to more than $930,000 at today’s values. Monsters based on NFT are called axes to have distinct characteristics and combat skills. To have the best chance to win, players must carefully select their beginning Axies. For the chance to earn coins that can be swapped for those other cryptocurrencies and, eventually, fiat money, players compete with their monsters against one another.

How is Axie Infinity function? 

As previously stated, the whole gameplay of Axie Infinity relies upon the tactical use of Axies’ combat qualities to out-duel competitors and gain prizes. You can play against other gamers or non-player combatants known as Chimeras. In both circumstances, you must obtain three Axies on which to launch various schemes in the hopes to win. You may perform a variety of attack and defense maneuvers depending on the sort of Axies you have in your hands.

Here is a summary of how Axies’ fighting talents are assigned in case you were wondering:

Axie stats:

The four distinct stats that axes have are Health, Morale, Skill, and Speed. These numbers affect how Axies fight since they show how much damage every Axie can deal and take, as well as who gets to move first.

Classes at Axie:

Another thing you should keep in mind is that there are nine courses available for Axies, six of which are regular, and the other three are hidden. The typical classifications are Reptile, Beast, Aquatic, Bird, and Bug. Mech, Dawn, and Dusk are the hidden classes. Some classes are better than others. For instance, compared to Beast, Mech, and Bug Axies, Aquatic offers greater benefits. They are ineffective against the Dusk, Plant, and Reptile Axies, though.

Components of Axie:

Ears, horns, eye, mouth, back, and tail are among the six physical components that each Axie has. Excluding the eyes and ears, all have unique combat skills. 

Delightful Love Potion:

When you triumph in combat, you will be awarded Smooth Love Potion (SLP), as a native token of the Axie Infinity ecosystem based on Ethereum. Then, new Axies may be bred using these SLP tokens.

Breeding Axie:

Axies can be bred seven times in total. The quantity of SLP needed to start the initial breeding cycle is the lowest, but it rises with each subsequent cycle. 

Axie gene:

When mating Axies, keep in mind that each of the parent Axies’ body parts has dominant, minor recessive, and minor recessive genes, all of which might be passed on to the progeny.

Users also can own land plots in addition to Axies. This aspect of the game gets intriguing since owners may personalize and profit from their property holdings. In Axie Infinity, you can construct things—like stores—on your property and earn passive money from them.

In all, Lunacia has 90,601 plots of land. Additionally, there are five other types of land that players may own: savanna, forest, arctic, mystic, and genesis. Each plot of land has four levels of rarity associated with it: common, rare, epic, and mystic. Notably, Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity, has developed and incorporated a fast side chain that enables users to escape the costly and inefficient Ethereum blockchain. Axie Infinity can handle transactions made on its platform thanks to this practice immediately.

How Do I Begin Playing Axie Infinity? 

The integration of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in a smoothly integrated method with Axie Infinity demonstrates its potential to revolutionize the world of gaming. However, because of the uniqueness of crypto and NFTs, many beginners are hesitant to play the new game. In such circumstances, you’ll need a solid understanding of the foundations of cryptocurrency platforms to play the game. Here are some basic methods to assist you in understanding how else to enjoy Axie Infinity before getting bogged down in detailed crypto explanations.

  • Make your customized Ethereum wallet or buy ETH tokens using one of the well-known cryptocurrency wallets. 
  • Create a personal Axie Infinity account and sign up on the game’s market. 
  • Install the Ronin wallet extension on your browser. The game’s makers, Sky Mavis, built the Ronin side-chain on top of which the Ronin wallet browsing plugin is constructed.
  • Utilizing the “Activate Ronin Wallet” box on the dashboard, you may connect your Ronin wallet to your existing gaming account. 
  • You may buy Axies from the market by utilizing the Ronin Bridge to deposit ETH into your Ronin wallet. 
  • You may play a game on iOS, Mac, Windows, & Android devices by downloading the Axie Infinity application after purchasing three Axies. Before you begin playing, you may read more about the regulations in the game’s manual.


Reviewing Axie Infinity reveals that it is a ground-breaking play-to-earn game that has become well-liked for the correct reasons. It also creates new possibilities for video games’ commercial potential. It redefines the idea of membership over in-game assets. To establish a decentralized gaming environment, the new play-to-earn application offers the ideal fusion of cryptocurrency, NFTs, plus video game dynamics.

Players can investigate a variety of strategies for using the game to benefit financially from their gaming activities. You won’t have any trouble playing Axie Infinity because of its easy UI and clear instructions on how to play. Now that you know more about the game, you may explore its interesting environment.

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