Create Custom Animated Stickers For Whatsapp, Here’s How!

Create Custom Animated Stickers For Whatsapp, Here’s How!

Want to impress your friends? Learn how to create animated stickers for WhatsApp to design one of a kind animated stickers for making your conversations more fun.

The easiest way to stand out in a chat is to have your own animated stickers instead of simply sending a LOL or WTH. Since WhatsApp released its update exactly two years ago that allowed users to import their custom animated stickers to the app, a lot has changed since March 2021. But if you’ve still not gotten around to creating your own stickers there’s no need to experience FOMO as we will share how to create your own custom animated stickers for WhatsApp to make the conversations more fun and add a personal touch as well.

Make Your Own Animated Stickers For Whatsapp! (7 Apps)

Since WhatsApp added the possibility of using stickers, a function that other messaging services such as Telegram or Line already included, applications that allow you to create your own have proliferated. 

How to get custom animated stickers for WhatsApp?

Smoother transitions from making animated stickers to adding them to your WhatsApp account made bring your imagination fast to life. But, how? Let’s check it out! 

How can I Add Animated Stickers to my WhatsApp Chat?

  • Head over to the WhatsApp app and click on the chat to whom you want to send the stickers.
  • Tap on the “Emoji” icon at the bottom-left corner 
  • Click on the stickers options.
  • To download additional sticker packs, all you need to do is click the “+” icon and you’ll be ushered to WhatsApp’s Sticker Store immediately.
  • Next, scroll through the list of all the animated stickers on Whatsapp and tap the “Download” icon next to the Sticker pack that you like. 
  • You’ll be able to send these WhatsApp animated stickers to your contacts once the downloading process completes, and make the conversations more fun and exciting! 

How to Send Animated Stickers on Android, IOS?

Now that you’ve understood how to download the dedicated sticker pack on your WhatsApp account, the steps shared below will help you to share them with your contacts: 

  1. Open Whatsapp and Tap Your Friend’s Name

The first step is to open WhatsApp and click on the person’s name with whom you want to share the stickers.

  1. The “Stickers” Tab

The second step is to click the “Emoji” icon and switch to the “Stickers” tab.

  1. Select New Sticker Pack

The third step is to notice the new sticker pack in the list which comes with the default stickers. 

So you just need to select this pack and tap on the sticker that you want to send.

The sticker will be automatically shared with the person you chose and if it is an animated sticker, the other person on Whatsapp will be able to see the animation on his/her screen. 

Also, remember that your new animated stickers for Whatsapp will only play once and in order to play it again, he/she’ll have to click the sticker in his/her chat on Whatsapp. 

What Are The Best Known WhatsApp Sticker Makers Creating Custom Stickers?

Make your custom Animated Stickers for WhatsApp using seven different tools using GIFS/pictures and share them on WhatsApp.

1. Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker is the most popular tool to create custom animated stickers for WhatsApp especially on Android, for example. You can find Sticker Maker on Google Play Store and there are options to design your personal “stickers” from your images or you create them by cutting out your photos, such as Sticker Maker. 

Sticker Maker can be downloaded directly on your Android devices, which has already accumulated more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, and has become one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store in recent weeks. You can also find the other version under the name Sticker Maker Studio which is instead a cross-platform tool that you can install on both Android and iOS where you can make animations by importing your pictures as well as GIFs.

2. Wemoji

Wemoji is a sticker maker for Android that is another very similar application, but with a plus of customization. It allows you to create several packs of stickers with up to 30 stickers per pack, and you can also use your own images and cut them from the application itself, in addition to removing the background or adding text.

As you can tell it is specifically designed to create custom stickers for WhatsApp on Android devices which simply need to be compatible with the latest Android version, which means that without any hassle, you’ll be able to create a custom sticker. 

Wemoji is It is completely free and is supported by ads. One point to note is that you can reuse the stickers already created to assemble a new package, which will help you save a little work from time to time. The negative part is that it only has an Android version and from time to time unexpected crashes are quite common in Wemoji.

3. Stickify

Stickify, which is currently only available on Android will help you create conversational and character anime stickers. 

Stickify is also the right answer if you want a two-in-one, since on the one hand it is a store to buy hundreds of different sticker packs, and on the other hand it allows you to create your own collections.

The way to use your sticker maker is the same as most, so just treat it like a typical editing tool that’ll allow you to design WhatsApp animated stickers on your Android devices, wherein you must:

Click on Create and choose the new package option, giving it the name you want. 

Then you add photos from your gallery, camera, or storage, cropping them into circles or squares,

Lastly, add them to complete your package.

One of the pros is that it has a Complete editing panel to edit your custom WhatsApp stickers. Cons is that there is no iOS and the user interface may seem a bit overwhelming for first-time users as You’ll find too many ads in Stickify.

4. Canva

Canva is available on both iOS and Android and it is a slightly different application, since with it you can design your stickers as you want, but then you will need another application to create the pack with the stickers that you have created in it. Therefore, you will design the stickers and save them on your mobile to later use them in another of the applications that we have told you about above.

Amongst all the apps we’ve discussed, one of the most complete is Canva. It offers a selection of 60,000 templates, although you can also upload your own photos and images, to which you can add text, filters, colors, or logos. The Canva app is designed more than anything else to create photos and upload them to Instagram and FB, but if you want your stickers to be from well-edited photos, it can come in handy.

5. Sticker Maker for Whatsapp

Another highly rated application for making animated stickers for whatsapp is to use this Sticker Maker for Whatsapp app which is ONLY exclusive to iOS. 

Sticker Maker for Whatsapp allows you to use its complete editor to create stickers with your photos, cropping them, rotating them and changing their size, removing their background or applying other basic types of editing. 

Sticker Maker for Whatsapp has a collection of 2,000 high-quality stickers in addition to offering the feature where you can write by hand to send stickers with the text you want, and they work both for WhatsApp and for other applications such as iOS iMessage. You can also share the results once you finish.

6. Magic Eraser Background Editor 

Magic Eraser Background Editor is another application that we put together because one is for iOS and the other for Android. 

The option to remove the background is usually native in many sticker creation apps, but if you are not getting this option, this serves as a third-party alternative. Of course, after editing the photos you will have to resort to another application to create the stickers with it.

This editing app’s function is also to complement the applications with which to create the sticker packs themselves, and what they do is eliminate the background of your photos so that you can later use them with a transparent background when creating the stickers.

7. Graphic Design- Sticker Maker & Logo Design

And we end with another application called Graphic Design with which anyone can design some stickers that you will then have to group and install with another different application since it will only be used for its design. The Graphic Design application is used to make stickers as well as icons, logos, and emojis. Graphic Design has 500 graphic elements, and for the stickers, there are editing options such as duplicating, flipping, rotating, and cutting the elements.

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