Best Virtual Apps on Google Play Store in 2022

Virtual Apps on Google Play

Have you ever thought about the major advantages that a virtual app can bring to your phone? Having access to multiple locations and services may only be a part of it. The best VOIP technology and better social media services could get more interesting if you want complete access to your phone. The best of all mobile apps will provide you with the best services and features to maximize usability. Most of them are available all over the internet but a safe source to download them all is from the Google Play Store. Here are the 15 Best Virtual Apps on Google Play Store

Best Virtual Apps on Google Play Store

1. Plus one

The Plus one multi-line is an amazing application to have for your phone. It is created to provide a virtual number for your phone. This will help you get a virtual mobile number that is active for most US states. The app also allows you to message and call anywhere in the world. Because of this, you will be able to avail a monthly subscription that depicts your business preference. The application also offers you a 7-day trial period, which should greatly benefit renewing if you want to extend the multi-line.

2. Zadarma

Zadarma is one of the most popular applications you can use as a virtual network for your phone. It has been downloaded by millions of people from all over the world. Moreover, it comes with a user-friendly interface, which will allow you to get great stability. It is good for both personal and business interfaces, which allows you to call or access internet calling across 90 countries. It is true that they tend to have the best rates across all apps.

3. 2nd Line

Another great name on the list is the 2nd Line virtual application.  This app comes with great features that allow you to call S and Canada. You can easily make multiple calls using the US and Canada numbers. Moreover, the application allows you to send text and messages to these countries. Another upgraded feature is the voicemail option. It is a feature that allows you to use the transcription feature, which you can use to send messages. The 2nd Line app comes with a caller ID feature which you can customize at any time.

4. textPlus

One of the best names in the virtual networking industry is mainly because of its amazing features. The textPlus comes with high-quality calls, which you can use to send calling anywhere. The option of having free incoming and outgoing calls will help you to get the best results. The reason why most people like textPlus is that it can deliver high-quality calls to avail the text messaging for free. You can also get a real US phone number which makes the application much more realistic.

5. 2nd Line –Phone Number

The 2nd Line –Phone Number Free Texting is another application anyone would love to have. This device comes with a calling option with 2nd Line users for free and with some others at $9.99. Even if it has a paid option and a decent calling feature, you can get more options like the record manager and the private connection option.

6. Burner

Another name in the list of the best virtual apps has Burner. It is the perfect replacement that helps you hide your number and then use it as a second phone. If you require a number for your business registration, the Burner is a great option to use. The number disposal allows you to get rid of your regular number, and you can get a new one providing Burner. Also, to use the premium features, you can pay for the subscription.

7. Antiphone Sms Anonymous

If you want to get a great virtual number that will allow you to choose to send and receive SMS, the Antiphone Sms Anonymous is the best option. This application comes with the option of receiving SMS from all over the world. It allows you to connect and also get the best from the services. The best option of having such a product is that it allows you to get 4000 credit coins known as karma which is valid for a month. This will help you purchase the phone numbers and use them.

8. Virtual Sim

If you want to get full access to your phone and use it for all the features, the Virtual Sim is a top choice. This prod8ct comes with a great option to use a virtual number and an existing mobile number. This will give you the best features for low-cost globally. You can continue calling all over the globe and specifically all around Europe. The charges are around USD 0.04 per minute, which is great for your use. The Virtual Sim is a great option to have.

9. Wabi

Another big name in the list of the Best Virtual Apps on Google Play Store is Wabi. It is a premium service provided by the developers, allowing you to get a free account and use the VoIP number to be sed. The product also comes with a virtual location which can always give you great compatibility for calling and locations. The virtual locations will provide you with virtual numbers. The reason why we like this product is that it can select a schedule after a time cycle.

10. TextNow

TextNow is one of the best things you can get if you want to use a virtual app for a video call. The app allows you to get affordable rates and USD 0.01 per minute of charges. The option of having complete free US mms and calls and texts will be great for regular use. You can use an area code to set your location or a great public network or mobile data.

Final Talk:

The Best Virtual Apps on Google Play Store will provide you with multiple features to make your daily routine beneficial. Such apps can also help you to reduce the risk of spending more on utility apps while you can get most of them for free using the Google Play store. These apps mentioned above will provide you with the best services from these applications. Do let us know in the comments below if you find more virtual apps that everyone should know.

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