Best Marketing Apps & Business Apps in 2021

Marketing Apps & Business Apps

The transition to remote work means people will be relying on mobile offices much more heavily than we have in the past.

Social media marketers need to have all the necessary tools to work anywhere and anytime — whether they’re lounging at the pool, setting up shop in a café, or working on the front porch.

Our lives are likely to continue becoming more flexible and mobile as employers face the growing reality that remote and hybridized work is now in high demand.

These social media marketing apps for your smartphone will help you create beautiful content and manage your social media campaigns, no matter where you’re working.

Best Marketing Apps & Business Apps in 2021

1. Buffer

One of the most popular and well-known social scheduling apps, Buffer allows you to post and schedule updates to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

The app also has analytics to measure performance.

Choose from a free personal subscription or paid plans ranging in price and features depending on the size of your business.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another popular social media management app. It gives you the ability to create, schedule, plan, publish, and monitor your posts, plus engage directly with your audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Currently, Hootsuite is free for up to two social network profiles. Additional features and accounts can be unlocked in the paid version.

3. Later

The Later app (previously Latergramme) was specifically geared toward Instagram in the beginning, but it’s since expanded to include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Later allows you to schedule photos, auto-publish with an Instagram Business Profile, and preview your feed with drag-and-drop functionality.

The paid version has extra features such as scheduling your hashtags in the first comment to avoid clutter in the caption, publishing multi-photo Instagram posts, and scheduling videos.

4. Plann

Plann is an Instagram planner where you can schedule posts, edit photos, and create stunning story templates with Canva stories. It also allows auto-posting for images and videos and lets you know the best times to post on Instagram.

5. Canva

Canva’s latest app gives you access to prebuilt templates and editing features for professional, creative designs. Add text with over 700 font options and special effects.

For social media, Canva features an Instagram story editor, story highlights maker, Facebook posts and covers, Twitter banners, YouTube thumbnails, cards, invitations, photo collages, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Canva is especially versatile in that it can handle a variety of other design needs outside of social media. Whether you need wedding invitations, book covers, memes, brochures, or anything in between, Canva can handle it all.

6. REP

REP is a free marketplace platform where influencers can connect with brands for collaboration. Businesses can post a product to feature, and then influencers will apply for free, paid, or PPC collaborations.

REP also offers raffle prizes to influencers and analytics for engagement rate, audience interest, et cetera.

7. Facebook Business Suite

Facebook has branched into an expansive network of content (Groups, Marketplace, Watch, etc.). It can be difficult to manage everything on top of your business page.

The Facebook Business Suite (formerly the Pages Manager app) helps you streamline everything in one place – posting, commenting, reacting, replying to private messages, updating page settings and images, and tracking statistics.

8. Facebook Ads Manager

If you want to play, sometimes you need to pay. And if there’s one thing you have to sit down in an office for, it’s running ad campaigns, right? Wrong.

Every part of a Facebook ad campaign, for example, can be done from mobile through their Ads Manager apps.

Optimize copy or adjust budgets from anywhere since every minute is crucial. Or upload media from your phone to use in future campaigns.

9. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a great tool for managing your overall Instagram strategy and presence. Content planning and scheduling on the mobile-first platform become easy whether you’re uploading original content or reposting another user.

You can manage multiple accounts, posting, optimizing, and analyzing your performance from mobile. The app lets you view analytics and save hashtags and other content.


Live video continues to be a top-performing type of content, helping you stand out in increasingly competitive social media algorithms.

Another key advantage of live social video is that it can be broadcast from anywhere. It’s perfect for capturing moments on the go, especially for your Facebook page.’s mobile apps let you use their freemium service to broadcast live to your brand’s Facebook followers. You can even add branded frames and split-screen interview formats to your broadcasts.

Going live through third-party apps gives both you and the viewers a nicer and more organized experience, making it easier to foster engagement with video in real time.

11. Smarp

Thanks to brand trust challenges and increasingly stingy newsfeed algorithms, peer-to-peer social shares are becoming all the more important aspects of your content distribution plans.

And if you’re going to get your whole company in on the effort, you’ll need to make it easy for team members to share brand assets on the go.

Smarp’s online employee communication and advocacy software make it easy to turn everyone at your company into a brand ambassador and share content on social media.

With Smarp’s mobile app, all team members can easily view, publish, and suggest curated content to share on social media.

12. Adobe Spark Post

One of the more difficult types of content to create outside the office is engaging designed graphics, especially if you want something animated.

Adobe Spark Post is going to be your new favorite mobile tool.

The app offers tons of templates and ideas, smart design features that simplify working on the fly (and a small screen), and it lets you add animated effects to social media graphics that you really need to grab attention.

13. Slack

Social media marketing isn’t just communicating with your audience.

You also need to stay in touch with your team. Talk with the rest of marketing to delegate and collaborate, send updates to the rest of the company, and get feedback from anywhere.

For that, there’s nothing better than Slack. Their mobile apps are kind of amazing, from smart notifications to advanced search and general ease of use.

14. is an audio recording app for micro-podcasting, audio broadcasting, Q&As, and more.

You can either use it to create original content like a podcast or to create audio content to export and share natively on social media.

Features like sound clips and transcriptions make it simple to create audio for social media. Hosting is free – no trial period or monthly fees.

15. Boomerang

Boomerangs have become a content format in their own right, separate from the picture, GIF, and video that it combines.

This video flip-it-and-reverse-it content creation app, made by and for Instagram, is perfect for creating personal, original multimedia.

It’s easy, and it’s just plain fun.

16. Trello

If you’re using Trello for project management to keep your social media marketing team organized and on track, the mobile app is a must.

From your phone, you can track in-progress social media projects and tasks, update your team, and check in on what you should be working on.

It even supports offline work.

17. Hyperlapse

Create by Instagram, Hyperlapse allows you to shoot timelapse videos in this easy-to-use app that has replaced the need for tripods and video equipment.

Hyperlapse automatically smooths your videos for cinematic quality, even if you’re moving around or enduring a bumpy ride in a vehicle.

Videos can be shared straight to Instagram or downloaded to your camera roll to share later. No account required.

18. Snapseed

If you’re creating and sharing visual content on your smartphone, you also need to be able to edit it there.

Given how easy it is to enhance photos taken with your built-in camera, there’s no reason not to improve it before hitting “publish.”

Snapseed is a wonderfully advanced yet easy-to-use photo editing app that lets you fine-tune visual content. If you’re creating and posting from your phone, not having to send it to a computer for editing is so much simpler.

19. Google Analytics

Your social media strategy surely involves driving traffic back to your website or other web properties. How’s that working out for you?

Use Google Analytics’ mobile app to check in on your website.

Make sure it’s performing properly, see how people behave once they’re there, and monitor the impact various social media initiatives have on your owned properties and their various conversion goals.

20. CoSchedule

CoSchedule’s social media management software is excellent at providing you an overall view of your marketing calendar.

From the app, you can get a bird’s eye view to manage and edit social media posts.

You can also use CoSchedule’s mobile app to schedule and post content to Instagram, which many schedulers are not yet capable of.


IFTTT (which stands for “if this, then that”) is an automation tool that lets you build connections between more than 600 apps and tools, including Gmail, Google Drive, Twitch, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Amazon Alexa, your Apple Watch health app, and many more.

By setting up and triggering the right integrations between your important social media apps, as well as many other platforms you use throughout your day, you can create custom time-saving social media shortcuts for your team.

22. Amplifr

Amplifr’s social media scheduling app takes advantage of AI to make the most of your social media strategy. It will help you make sure you’re posting at the best times with optimized messages and makes it easy to reuse high-performing content again.

You can post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, and many other platforms. The mobile app also has detailed analytics to see how you’re doing at any time.

23. Ripl

Ripl is another app that makes it so easy to create multimedia that there’s no excuse not to.

Its specialty is shareable, professional social media videos and animated graphics.

With their focus on social media performance, there are tons of templates to help you get started. You can share animations straight from the app, and you can even track engagement on them within Ripl.


Live video is one of the best ways to get attention, but there are multiple places your live audience is hanging out. Sure, there’s Facebook Live, but you’ve also got YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Periscope, and more, each with its own audiences.

Using a service like lets you broadcast to multiple platforms at once.

To use on your mobile, there are companion apps you can use that can connect to the right kind of server.

25. Mention

To monitor any topic, name, or keyword on social media, a monitoring app like Mention is key to finding all important conversations for your brand to interact with.

Their mobile app allows you to monitor and engage in conversations, collaborate with your team, and view insights to help your social strategy.

Final Talk:

With the number of mobile tools at our fingertips and remote work becoming the established norm, it’s never been easier to plan, create, schedule, publish, and analyze social media strategies on the fly.

So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to be chained to your desk anymore! Download your favorite apps from this list and escape from your desktop.

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