Aptean Alternatives: 15 ERP Management Competitors!

Aptean Alternatives: 15 ERP Management Competitors!

Empower your team under manufacturing, CRM, sales, inventory, and accounting projects by choosing the best Aptean alternatives that cater to your unique business requirements.

15 Aptean Alternatives For ERP Cloud Service! 

15 Aptean ERP Alternatives & Competitors

1. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise happens to be the leading accounting software for small businesses. Instant access to customer, supplier, and employee information are all available. 

2. Net Suite

Net Suite By Oracle is the world’s number one cloud ERP, which gives you the visibility and control you need to make smart decisions and grow with confidence. 

It provides organizations with an integrated cloud application system that helps them manage their business. More than 27,000 organizations around the world use NetSuite to grow and more easily adapt to change.

3. Odoo

Odoo is a set of customizable open source applications designed to meet all your business needs by offering a fully integrated and customizable open source suite of business applications. 

Designed for any business, regardless of size and budget, this all-in-one software solution meets most business needs such as projects, manufacturing, CRM, sales, inventory, and accounting. 


ERPAG is an ERP cloud service that covers all business processes for small and medium-sized companies.

5. SAP BusinessOne

SAP BusinessOne offered by the company SAP helps to increase control for small and medium-sized businesses with SAP Business One, a particular software designed to grow with the business.

It is an affordable, integrated business management solution designed specifically for smaller businesses. The software is available in the cloud, with on-premises installation, or powered by SAP HANA, a revolutionary in-memory database developed by SAP.

SAP Business One enables you to manage and streamline vital business processes in one integrated solution that includes financials, customer relationship management, warehousing, reporting, purchasing, and more. It helps to more efficiently monitor all aspects of the business and improve decision making. This solution has specific versions for different sectors and is fully designed to grow with your business.

6. Kinetic

Kinetic offered by the company Epicor Software is an ERP solution for manufacturers who need real-time access to data for decision making anytime, anywhere. 

Epicor ERP capabilities include a CRM to manage customer and partner data, invoices, quotes, orders, multi-tier pricing contracts, and more. Performance management tools provide visibility into the business, allowing users to plan, execute and analyze at a strategic and tactical level using business intelligence (BI) data. Users can securely capture, store, manage and access content and documents at any time, through any device, using Epicor’s content management system (DocStar), which enables cross-departmental collaboration.

Organizations can manage and optimize financial operations and gain insights into performance, expense and risk through tools and controls to support complex legislative requirements. Planning and scheduling features provide daily control and long-range planning, helping you manage supply and demand in real time with resource optimization, availability, change management, and more. Epicor ERP manufacturing and production tools provide a full range of supply chain management, execution, and distribution capabilities.

7. XTuple

xTuple is an inventory management solution for growing manufacturers and acts as one of the Aptean alternatives for ERP management. 

8. M1ERP

M1ERP offers ECI Software Solutions or a software for workshops, custom and mixed-mode fabricators, and on-demand fabricators.


CANIAS ERP offered by IAS is a web-based ERP solution for businesses of all sizes that manages planning, procurement, operations, sales, and more.

10. Workday Financial Management

Workday Financial Management is a unique cloud-based solution designed for financial planning, analysis, and transactions. The company is a pioneer in Software as a Service (SaaS) for enterprise software. Compared to on-premises financial management and human capital management (HCM) solutions, Workday software is easy to use and quick to implement. While the company does not officially classify itself as an ERP vendor, it is widely considered to be a direct competitor to well-known ERP companies, such as SAP and Oracle. 

11. Sage x3

sage x3 offered by Sage provides a better way to manage your entire business, at a lower cost and on a global scale. They provide a full-service business management solution for medium and large businesses with tools for procurement, production, warehousing, sales, finance, and more.

12. Striven

Striven by Miles Technologies offers a complete, cloud-based management solution for businesses. It includes accounting, CRM, projects, human resources, etc., on any device.

13. Abas ERP

abas ERP offered by ABAS USA is a flexible MRP software for manufacturing processes including planning, purchasing, inventory control, and warehouse management.

14. Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica Cloud ERP offered by Acumatica is a modern and complete ERP solution with accounting, distribution, CRM and more. Acumatica Cloud ERP provides SaaS or on its own servers. 

They cater to small and medium-sized businesses around the world. 

From multi-company online accounting to a complete suite of ERP solutions, its flexible and integrated solutions include: finance, distribution, manufacturing, project accounting, field service, business intelligence and CRM. 

All apps are fully mobile so users can access them from anywhere with just a browser. Acumatica’s flexibility also includes deployment options (on-premises or in the cloud), license options, and unlimited users. The price is for the resources used, not per customer. 

15. Cetec ERP

Cetec ERP is a proven ERP software solution that helps distributors and manufacturers run efficiently.

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