Among Us Mod Menu: All The Features Explained, How To Download For Free

Among Us Mod Menu: All The Features Explained, How To Download For Free

Among Us has been a global sensation and everyone wants to try this multiplayer title. But we all know that the gameplay of the game, although simple, does not ensure a guaranteed victory. That’s why we decided to share this Among Us MOD application with you. With Among Us MOD menu apk you will enjoy more optimized gameplay, better visualization of the role of each player; elimination of the waiting time between slaughters; free changes of appearance; unlock accessories such as clothing, pet, etc. Discover all the features of Among Us Mod Menu in this article as we explain it in detail below. 

Among Us Mod Menu: Quick and Detailed Feature Explanation

Among US Mod APK Features (In Short):

The modified Among Us Mod APK Android also known as MOD MENU APK is a game modification based on menus. This game modification will help gamers navigate through an enormous MOD list and includes almost all of the hacks that players wanted in the past, free of cost. All you have to do is download it. 

With the modified Among Us Mod APK Android you will receive features such as: 

  • All skins unlocked
  • All pets unlocked
  • All hats unlocked
  • Fast speed
  • No ads
  • No Imposter MOD
  • The MOD name 
  • Zero kills cooling down

So don’t hesitate – give yourself a chance to succeed in your plans to sabotage everything and kill everyone. Go ahead and download Among Us for Android to start playing this amazing party game suitable for all ages.

Among Us Mod Menu Features (More Explanation): 

Below are the most notable benefits. We recommend that you download the optimized version if you want to know everything that this version offers. 

Know Who The Crew Member And Impostor Is

Normally only the imposters know among themselves who the other allies are and who are crew members. But with the Among Us Mod, it is possible to visualize the role of each player. The best thing is that only you will know this information, since you are the only one with the Mod of the game. Other players will view the game as normal, but if they also download this MOD, everyone knows each other’s roles.

Choose The Role Proactively

Before the match starts, you will be able to decide your role as crew member or impostor immediately. Also, you can set the game to always give you the option to be an impostor without question. So, if you’re looking for adrenaline from the mini rounds of Among Us, you won’t want to miss out on the apk.

Reduce Reload Time Between Kills

If you are an impostor, you will greatly benefit from this feature. Normally, the lobby leader decides the duration of the kill cooldown in the match. But with the Mod, you can jump out of this period and kill at any time that suits you. Be careful, it is wise to kill in moderation in Among Us, both in the normal and modified versions. If you get into a room with 2 or 3 players, you won’t get to kill the second or third after the first kill, because they can report the kill immediately.

Change Moves/ Speed

You can decide the movement speed proactively instead of sticking with the room owner’s setting. This will affect the speed of the others as well. If you go at a reasonable speed, that’s fine. But if you adjust the speed to an unreasonable rate, the others will question the fairness of the round, which can lead to abandoning the game. So choose wisely and wisely when playing Among Us.

Sabotage Light Anytime

If you’re cast as Impostor, you can sabotage the light at any time, making it harder for crew members to win. But just like gear shifting, it’s brilliant to use it sparingly.

Repair Easily

Normally in Among Us crew members need to run to the point that needs attention. But with this MOD, it is no longer necessary, you can immediately repair the light or other sabotage.

Unlimited Emergency Meetings

There will no longer be a limit in convening emergency meetings in Among Us with our Mod. But remember to do it in moderation instead of interrupting the rhythm of the game for no reason, you will make yourself the suspect.

Change Appearance Unlimited

Do you have a favorite color that you want to keep in Among Us? Sometimes the other players already take the color you like and this annoys you. Fortunately, this apk allows you to force the color change with the others. Now you are sure to keep your favorite look.

Unlock Skins, Pets, Hats

Among Us offers various free cute accessories directly. But if you want some more special decoration, you need to install this MOD. It offers you a wide variety of items such as Among Us hats, clothing, pets, etc. Make the experience more fun with Among Us download.

No Ads

Sometimes Among Us shows ads and we fully understand why it is a free game. And who doesn’t want to earn a little more from ads? But if they bother you too much and you don’t want to buy the Premium package, you already have it for free here at Mod Pree.

3 Main Tips To Win Among Us As A Gamer:

Go In Small Groups

From time to time, go in small groups to “shrink” the list of suspects if you’re a crew member. But don’t do it too much because you may look suspicious to others because you always follow them. Impostors have no chance to actually play the game and it will affect the dynamics of Among Us in general. You will not complete the individual tasks on time and it affects the victory of the team.

Don’t Strongly Contradict Others

In Among Us, if you contradict the other players’ accusation too much, you may draw bad eyes in your direction. They may think that you are defending an impostor and look for evidence to prove that you are one too, even though you are not. So, it is ideal that you share evidence to clear the name of a member that you want to save from elimination. But it is not ideal to defend it strongly.

Get Used To Killing Crew Members

If you are an impostor and you are new to Among Us, you have to quickly get used to killing other players, otherwise, you will not enjoy the game to the fullest for fear of giving the Kill button. It is recommended that you kill more frequently, especially when there are 2 impostors in the round. If you’re the only one, it’s okay to be more careful and kill less often.

Download Among Us For Free on Your PC Using Android Version:

The Steam VR edition costs only $10, but you can play it free of charge with an Android emulator. The independent game Among Us became viral in 2020 and many people who don’t even play video games often decided to join this wave. The title can be purchased on PC for just $10, but it can be played for free on Android and iOS. For those who don’t like to play on mobile, there is a way to enjoy the game for free on the computer. The best part is that you don’t even need a powerful PC to do this, but you might run into problems along the way.

The process of playing Among Us for free on PC requires the use of an Android emulator. Basically, the program simulates the cell phone system on the computer. When downloading for free please remember: bugs can happen and you should do this at your own risk. It is therefore recommended that you go ahead with purchasing the Steam edition or playing directly on Android or iOS for a more stable experience and free from possible headaches.

What’s needed to run Among Us from Android on a PC?

Before downloading the Android emulator, it’s worth checking if your computer can handle the technology. The software that we will use to run Among Us from a smartphone on PC is LDPlayer, which has the following requirements:

Minimum System Requirements

CPU : Intel, NVIDIA or AMD x86 / x86_64 (any modern hardware)

Windows XP XP3 / Windows 7 or Windows 10

RAM memory: 4 GB

Storage: 36 GB of free space

Recommended Requirements

SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 64 bit

CPU:Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8100 CPU @ 3.60GHz

RAM memory:8.0 GB

Storage: 3.6 GB

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Installing LDPlayer: 

The emulator that runs Among Us for free on the computer needs to be downloaded first. After downloading, open the program and click on “Quick install”, or go to the custom option to choose the installation folder.

After installation, the program will open and load. Then close any windows that appear. The software will ask to activate VT, but the process is cumbersome and unnecessary for Among Us. So, skip all the steps and go to the top search bar with the Play Store icon.

By clicking on the typeable field, search for “Among Us”. When you get to the game page, click install. The store will ask you to sign in with a Google account, which you can create for free with an email address. Those who already use Gmail can also use an existing account.

If the installation fails, just restart the emulator and try again. Once the installation is complete, the user only needs to open Among Us to check the operation of the commands. As the actions of the game are very simple, it is not difficult to carry out the controls with the mouse and keyboard.

The emulator shows by default the keyboard buttons that correspond to the mobile commands. To view in a larger size or reconfigure the mapping, just press the F12 key.

As emulation is an unofficial process, the free version of Among Us doesn’t run as well on PC. The tip is to use LDPlayer in full screen, clicking F11. With this, the program gains more priority and manages to run better.

Invest in the Steam VR version for more stability: 

For those who want a quality experience and want to help developers, buy the Steam version. The game costs only $10 and runs smoothly even on weaker machines. The official computer version of the game costs to run on any current computer with at least 1 GB of RAM and 250 MB of storage. That is, even weaker machines can face online multiplayer.

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