7 Tableau Competitors Or Alternatives For The Best Software Or Service

7 Tableau Competitors Or Alternatives For The Best Software Or Service

Considering alternatives to Tableau? See Tableau competitors instead. Tableau is powerful data visualization and business intelligence (BI) software that lets you view, understand, and interact with data in a single platform. The platform helps to simplify raw data and present it in an easier-to-understand format. This makes Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms more streamlined. Simply because a proper understanding of the data gives you a clear picture of your business progress and this is the key to success. 

While you do get a clear idea of your business progress, Tableau is fairly limited in use, as its design focuses solely on efficiency in using data to solve problems rather than usability. This, in addition to prohibitive licensing costs, is driving many companies to seek out Tableau competitors for self-service BI software for easy data analysis and visualization. 

Moreover, Tableau is not very easy to use as you will need someone familiar with running SQL queries for custom workflows to get the most out of Tableau. Following these issues and other reasons, many companies are actively looking for other self-service Power BI software and tools that are not as expensive. A closer look at Tableau Competitors help you see competitors that perform similar functions and serve as perfect Tableau alternatives that sometimes even require less knowledge of SQL queries to operate. 

7 Tableau Competitors You Can Use As Alternatives For Your Organization

What Is Tableau Similar To?

Tableau, a data visualization software used by companies to help them see and understand data, is similar to business intelligence platforms like SAS, QlikView, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Sisense, TIBCO Jaspersoft, TIBCO Spotfire, Pentaho. Other tools like Klipfolio, Reportz, Funnel, Swydo, Supermetrics, Dashthis, Octoboard, ReportGarden etc.

Why Is Tableau Worth the Cost?

If you’re using a big organization’s money, it’s worth the cost. However, if you want to use data visualization software for a small business, you might be better off buying cheaper software like the ones above.

SAS or Tableau – Which is Better?

Both have different functions. While Tableau is a self-service business intelligence tool, SAS is not. They match very well in performance, but many experts believe Tableau is better. The only downside to Tableau is the price

Top 7 Tableau Competitors To Know

1. QlikView

A popular business intelligence tool QlikView helps business users create data dashboards, visualizations, and apps. As a data discovery platform, QlikView offers self-service business intelligence for all business users in organizations. QlikView works like other softwares such as Tableau. 

You can choose this valuable Tableau alternative for the following reasons:

  • Its natural search helps navigate complex information.
  • It responds quickly to changes and interactions.
  • The simple user interface is easy to use to create flexible and interactive data visualizations.
  • QlikView supports multiple data sources and various file types.
  • It offers good security for all stored data and content on all devices.
  • You can share relevant analytics, including apps and stories, using a central hub.
  • Qlik generally has good reviews from business users and is a famous Tableau competitor. 

How can I download QlikView? To get access to this software tool, you can find QlikView on the Qlik website.

2. SAS

SAS statistical software supports business intelligence, criminal investigation, predictive analysis, advanced analysis, and multivariate analysis. This data discovery tool allows organizations to access data from multiple sources. SAS also helps professionals and other company employees to perform sophisticated and high-level analyses. In addition, it is useful for information transfer within the organization. More than this, the software company also has a customer-centric approach that makes it very attractive and easy to help you solve any problem.

As one of many Tableau Competitors, here are some features that make SAS trustworthy for businesses:

  • You can access its activities and applications from remote locations over the Internet.
  • There is a one-to-many delivery model that allows applications to be delivered to groups simultaneously, as opposed to the strict one-to-one model that only allows applications to be delivered from one person to another.
  • The data display is visual and uses graphs, reports and other statistical graphics.
  • Using the SAS statistical software, analysts can easily view raw data files in external databases.
  • The centralized feature update allows users to easily download patches and upgrades of the software.
  • You can easily manage data by using data entry tools for formatting and conversion.

How can I download SAS? Get SAS by simply visiting the website and downloading the software.

3. Pentaho

Pentaho is a business intelligence software that offers data integration, information dashboards, reporting and OLAP services. Pentaho’s data integration removes all the hassles of coding and complexity, making data easily accessible to any organization. Just like SAS mentioned above, Pentaho is also a data warehousing tool and business analytics software. It also has powerful extraction, transformation and loading functions

Pentaho is easy to use and extremely customer friendly. Its interactive approach allows business users to access all types of data, discover them and bring them together for easy analysis. Other features of Pentaho that make it a thriving data alternative to Tableau include the following:

  • A community dashboard editor enables quick and efficient development and delivery of the necessary data. 
  • The embedded analytics are greatly simplified.
  • You can speed up the data pipeline on the platform.
  • Pentaho is an enterprise platform that makes data pipeline acceleration easy.
  • The smooth integration of all data enables ease of use.
  • You get operational reporting for MongoDB.
  • The custom dashboards make it easy and possible to visualize data.
  • You can easily integrate lots of data without having to learn to code or hire someone who can code.

How can I download Pentaho? Pentaho is a free alternative to Tableau that outperforms other self-service business intelligence software. Head to the website, and you can download Pentaho. 

4. Sisense

Sisense is a business analytics software tool that originated in Tel Aviv in 2004. The company has since spread its wings to other major cities such as Melbourne, Scottsdale, London, Tokyo, with headquarters in New York City. Sisense has been useful in real-time analysis and data visualization of large and varied datasets. 

So Sisense would be your first choice if you want to prepare complex data for the creation of dashboards with different visualizations. In addition to that there are other features of Sisense software that make it compelling for business users:

  • The data visualization is eye-catching and exceptionally clear.
  • With Sisense, you can provide terabytes of interactive analytics.
  • The platform offers you the ad hoc analysis of high-volume data.
  • It allows you to identify critical metrics using filters and calculations.
  • It processes data at scale on a single commodity server.
  • The interface is extremely easy to use – it’s essentially drag-and-drop.
  • You can access dashboards remotely. This means that a mobile device is enough to access and analyze data.
  • You can use the software to consolidate all unrelated software in one central place.
  • You can export data to printable document format (PDF), Microsoft Excel, images, CSV and many other formats.
  • It can process a lot of data at the same time and at a very high speed.
  • Unlike most other business intelligence software, anyone can create interactive dashboards without much technical knowledge.
  • On Sisense, analysts can create a single version of the truth with seamless data.

How can I download Sisense? As of the most recommended and reliable Tableau competitors, you can download Sisense by visiting the website. Sisense also offers the option to watch a demo to see how it works before diving in properly.

5. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse makes it effortless to manage large amounts of data so that many users can easily access that data when they need it.

A household name in the IT world at this point, Oracle is part of the Oracle Corporation which is a multinational computer technology company headquartered in California, USA. As one of the best Tableau competitors, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is a database that enables business intelligence activities by helping users to understand and improve the performance of their business. How does it do all this? 

Well, this Tableau competitor software treats each data collection as a unit. Using data as a unit enables secure storage and management of data by users. Here are some other impressive features of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse:

  • The platform offers real application tests.
  • This software offers a way for analysts to connect to the remote database, table, or view.
  • It offers support for virtualization.
  • This platform can work well for both single instance and real application clusters.
  • It helps distribute data across all disks in the same way, ensuring consistent performance.
  • You can easily use it on UNIX/Linux and Windows platforms.
  • There is a typical architecture between each private cloud and Oracle’s public cloud.

How can I download the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse? You can download Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse from the Oracle website.

6. TIBCO Spotfire

Another thriving recommendation that companies find a good Tableau competitor is TIBCO Spotfire. This alternative tool originated in Somerville, Massachusetts in 1996, but TIBCO acquired it in 2007. 

Today, Spotfire is a valuable and flexible tool used by companies for data analysis as it is simple to use and supports business growth. How? Well, TIBCO Spotfire is a software tool that enables faster, easier, and more timely reporting and analysis. Spotfire is popular in the market as it helps make data visualization easy and fast for all users. 

Other Spotfire features worth recommending are listed below:

  • When fixing bugs in the app, there is an easy application update for all users of the software.
  • It allows new features to be easily deployed to users.
  • It can automatically leverage email reports for in-office workers and remote workers.
  • Using formulas based on existing data items, users can create and calculate new field values.
  • You get accessible spreadsheet reports and chat templates for everyday use.
  • You can access a variety of charts and chart formats.
  • The platform offers an all-around excellent user experience and simplicity.

WARNING: although Spotfire has many beautiful features, some users have complained that updating the product can be a problem. They also complain that the web player design doesn’t quite match current web standards. Otherwise everything else seems to be under control, including the company’s support.

How can I download TIBCO Spotfire? Head to the website to download the TIBCO Spotfire software.

7. TIBCO Jaspersoft

Lastly on our list of Tableau’s competitors is TIBCO Jaspersoft which might not have all the hype, but it does have a pretty impressive portfolio. For one, the speed at which Jaspersoft works is commendable. But what is this company? TIBCO Jaspersoft is a business intelligence tool that brings more up-to-date data into their applications and business processes for users worldwide using embeddable reports and analytics.

This business intelligence tool even works to provide users with the most actionable, real-time data. Add to that the fact that it is very inexpensive and you have a worthy Tableau competition. There are more functions and qualities of Jaspersoft: 

  • You can publish it on the web or as a PDF.
  • You can deliver to remote services.
  • Jaspersoft has a responsive design for web access and multi-tenancy.
  • Jaspersoft allows users to enjoy audit logging.
  • This platform has its administration which works through a web interface.
  • You get a snapshot of the external data.
  • Jaspersoft contains a data warehouse/dictionary layer.
  • Jaspersoft uses both ROLAP and OLAP.
  • Jaspersoft works to provide reports from multiple data sources (blending).
  • The tool provides pixel-perfect reports and allows for report sharing and collaboration.

TIBCO Jaspersoft also works with many data sources and tools including IBM DB2, Google Analytics, SAP, MS Excel Workbooks, Oracle, Postgres, Salesforce, and HP Vertica Teradata.

How can I download TIBCO Jaspersoft? To get started with Jaspersoft, you can simply visit the website. Moreover, a great tip for analysts is that they also get community/forum, social media and video tutorials/webinar support options for a free trial.

Final Verdict on Tableau Competitors

Thanks to the list above, data analysts who want to cut costs and find a convenient drag-and-drop interface will find most of the software discussed above will work just fine. 

As most of you can tell with Tableau, no two Service BI software can be identical, so finding one that works exactly like Tableau will be almost impossible. 

Data analysts can easily replace Tableau using the software listed above if you have no other options but to save costs and look for inexpensive data visualization software. If you plan to use Tableau, these alternatives or competitors function as viable and useful options to check reviews from other business users to determine if these BI tools are worth your time before deciding to buy or acquire them.

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