12 Best Free Calling Apps for Android to Make Unlimited Calls

12 Best Free Calling Apps for Android to Make Unlimited Calls

Calling and text messaging has become an essential part of our life to connect with friends and family while staying apart. Mobile plans, however, can prove expensive in the long run, especially when we have a big community to maintain or a habit to chat longer. Under such conditions, free calling apps act as a boon as they can save a significant amount of money we spend on chatting. If you want to use them, download the below-mentioned app after analyzing app features and other factors. 

Google Voice

One of the best calling apps for Android to make unlimited calls is Google Voice. You can now make free voice calls to known numbers, from PC to phone calls or PC to PC calls. Google Voice has attractive features and can even manage your phone directory. The app can route incoming Voice calls through its AI technology to any other phone you have or can send them to your voicemail if you want to. With Google Voice, you can create customized messages or make video calls besides making group calls to the available list. However, Google Voice is now available to only a few countries and that too for limited hours at a time. But you can call the same number again and again. 


A well-known app for picture and text messaging Snapchat also allows users to make video and audio calls within the Snapchat contact list. You can use the phone button directly in the app to call over Wi-Fi from your device. Since the calls can be made to other Snapchat users only, you cannot use them to call numbers or the ones which do not have Snapchat. 


Yet another popular social media site and frequently used app for encrypted text and video messages is Telegram. The app is easy to install and can be used once you complete the verification process through your mobile or desktop device. Once you add the contact list to your Telegram account, you can place calls directly from the app by choosing the phone icon. 


Skype is one of the most popular free calling apps for Android users. It has many hallmark features that can be used on computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices. With Skype, you can make voice calls, video chats, and text messages for free to other Skype users worldwide. But if you want to make calls to phone numbers, you will have to pay credits. Calling Skype members is free and you can chat with several Skype members during a single voice call. 


Dingtone is a popular app available on Google Play Store which comes with a dedicated phone number according to your local area code. It can place free calls to more than 200 countries as long as the person you call has the Dingtone app. Like Skype, Dingtone also allows users to make calls to real phone numbers but with the credit system. Users can add credits through adverts or promotions for free but there are certain conditions attached. 


Although WhatsApp began as a free text messaging platform, it has evolved to a great extent. You can now make free voice and video calls to your WhatsApp contact list numbers. Although the app remains vulnerable to cyber-attacks, it has powerful tools to detect them instantly making users’ experience great. 

Facebook Messenger

The independent messaging app of Facebook is called Messenger. It offers free video chats, calling, and messages. Even some games can be played on the app. You simply need to be friends on Facebook with someone to proceed, however, in rare circumstances, even that is not required. It’s a good idea to give the app a shot since it’s simpler to convince people to use Facebook than it is to convince them to move to another platform.

Google Duo

One of the easiest video and audio calling apps is Google Duo. All you need to do is download the app from the play store, put your number in it and start making free unlimited calls. You can call any person in your contact list provided they have installed Google Duo on their device. Since it is free to use, both Android and iOS users like Google Duo more than other platforms. The video quality is comparatively good while voice calls are easily placed over Wi-Fi. 

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger app is mostly preferred by people who consider using a highly secure platform to place calls. The app is open-source and encrypts all the data sent by the users. This includes free text messaging, and voice and video calls made through the app to the other person having Signal Private Messenger. 


Slack is immensely popular for its free chat service available for both big and small business enterprises. This open-to-use app allows users to message people privately, create text channels and can integrate with other compatible apps. It can also cross platforms and make the calling feature simple to use. Although the app may seem a bit fuzzy at first, you will find it very useful, particularly if your business involves sending and receiving various file formats. 


With the TextNow application, you may make free calls and send free texts. You’ll receive a phone number that is exclusively yours and that you may genuinely distribute to others. It costs nothing to phone anyone in the US or Canada. But, calling international lines will cost you money. If you live outside of the US, that’s not ideal, but if you do, this is just what you need to make free and unlimited calls. 


Viber was initially a VoIP service but has evolved into a bigger service provider offering voice chats, text messaging and video calls. With Viber, you can call any person using the Viber app and that too free. Even with Skype, you have to pay a bit to call real phone numbers but with Viber, it is completely free. The app comes with many additional features like hidden messages which can be useful. You can also use in-app stickers or buy customized ones besides enjoying other in-app purchases. 

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