11 Okta Competitors For Access Management

11 Okta Competitors For Access Management

Okta offers a simple solution to protect against cyberattacks through compromised passwords. A security risk that remains relevant, especially in SaaS times when all company secrets are just a login away. So if you want to get into some Okta competitors or alternatives just keep reading. 

Top 11 Okta Competitors or Alternatives To Consider In Business

What is Okta?

Okta is a good platform to secure every identity, from customers to your workforce with sso, lifecycle management, multi-factor authentication, and more.

In one sentence, Okta is about the identification and authentication of employees and customers. So everyone only gets the permissions they need — but no more. Manually noted passwords on slips of paper are a thing of the past. This is particularly important when new employees join or leave the company. Okta stores which employees have which permissions in the company: which Dropbox folders, Slack, Bloomberg Terminal, internal wiki, Slack, strategy documents, VPN.

Okta even goes so far as to claim that it owns a primary cloud identity which will become one of the top five clouds to be built in the next 10 years. A so-called “primary cloud”. With the purchase of Auth0 a few months ago, Okta is by far the fastest growing company in the field. Almost all other competitors are stagnating or losing market share.

With these connections and a “central database for all employee authorizations”, Okta places itself in the very critical heart of many companies and can expand from there into many adjacent B2B areas. With more than 7,000 connections, 50% sales growth for years and now close to profitability, it is worth taking a closer look at. 

What is Okta’s business model?

While other cloud companies focus on storage (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake, etc), data transfer (Cloudflare, Fastly, Akamai) and security (Crowdstrike, zScaler, etc), Okta focuses on the identification and authentication of users. The nice thing is that the competition in this market was unusually low earlier for the company but as of 2022, there are changes. 

Octa is growing fast. The “old internet economy” of Microsoft (Azure) Active Directory and Oracle is languishing. However, it should be said that Microsoft (Azure) Active Directory has been completely reprogrammed in the last 5 years and “leans” very much on Okta.

Okta’s strategy is “Land and Expand”. “Land” the customer and then “expand”. The model was copied from the previous employer Salesforce and is explained very simply. With many discounts and bonuses, the offer is made particularly tasty in the first and second year. For example, the first 6 months are free.

Or the integration and consulting in the first 12 months is completely free — Okta actively helps to transform the entire company at no cost. The latter is also called the “Collision Installation”, after one of the Stripe founders: We will send you a team of 5 to 20 Okta employees who will set up the system for you completely free of charge. You do not have to do anything. And you end up with the market-leading IAM. This is music to the ears of managers and authorized signatories.

In the coming years, the prices will then gradually rise. As switching costs continue to increase, so does Okta’s (or Salesforce’s) bargaining power. Annual price increases of 3 to 10% are then accepted. These are often also hidden in “new products”, or previously free features are then subject to a charge.

In essence, you can “allow yourself” much more in the B2B area than in the end customer area. B2B customers are much less outraged because the managers never spend their own money — but the company’s money. At the same time, bill payment (finance department) and purchasing (authorized officer, CEO) are often separate. 

Okta just keeps getting better. On the one hand through more than 7,000+ connections to other apps (where they are market leaders, nobody is “more compatible”). On the other hand due to the rapidly growing number of customers. The more “identities” captured, the better Okta can detect and mitigate against an attack or unauthorized access. If a security problem arises for one customer, it is immediately fixed for all nearly 11,000 customers.

Top 11 Okta Competitors:

1. Duo security

Duo security offers user identity verification and device vulnerability detection through a Trusted Access platform that offers multiple two-factor authentication methods, mobile applications and an access gateway for single sign-on (SSO).

2. Ping identity

Ping identity is a cloud-based identity and access management software that helps organizations manage and provide secure access to mobile, cloud, and on-premise applications, external and internal networks, and APIs. The platform uses AI technology to ensure compliance with statutory regulations which automatically detects and blocks anomalous activities. 

3. Auth0

Auth0 is a cloud-based identity management platform that helps businesses securely manage login activity, user profiles, and credentials. Features include custom domains, embedded authentication, SSO, database migration, account linking, log retention, and streaming.

4. OneLogin

OneLogin is a cloud-based identity management and single sign-on system platform that provides secure single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and directory integration with AD, LDAP.

5. SecureAuth

SecureAuth is a cloud-based identity access management software where supervisors can utilize various password-less methods, such as WebAuthn or SecureAuth Authenticate, to streamline verification processes and thus configure authentication workflows. 

It also provides businesses with multi-factor authentication (MFA) tools to verify user identity and secure enterprise data. 

6. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a platform that enables enterprises to run critical applications at a higher price/performance ratio by running them on service platform data centers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

7. Oracle CPQ

Oracle CPQ is a CPQ software & Quote to Cash app which is used to improve efficiency by automating the production of sales proposals and quotes and by virtue of the sales process. 

It is also known as a configure, price, and quote (CPQ) software and a Quote-to-Cash management solution to turn sales opportunities into revenue faster. 

8. Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a team collaboration app suite which is also called G Suite. It is a suite of applications from Google that offers a range of tools for communicating and collaborating with colleagues, storing files, and managing data.

9. PingFederate

PingFederate helps with identity management, single sign-on (SSO), and API security wherein, you don’t need application passwords—or have to deal with the problems they cause, such as B. administrative problems, help desk overload, or security risks. Their Internet Identity Security solutions enable users to securely access web-based business applications without multiple passwords. 

10. Pervidi Inspection

Pervidi Inspection is a mobile safety inspections & compliance (EHS) tool for businesses of all sizes to automate all aspects of maintenance, repair, field service, or inspections. 

11. ManageEngine AD Manager Plus

ManageEngine AD Manager Plus is an Active Directory management and reporting solution that is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use web-based Active Directory management solution. It makes day-to-day AD management incredibly easy. The product’s intuitive interface eliminates the monotony of using native AD tools.

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