10 Easy Ways to Speed Up Android Smart Phones

10 Easy Ways to Speed Up Android Smart Phones

Android smartphones are remarkably fast nowadays with good-quality RAM, data processors and storage types that work perfectly to make our experience with smartphones better than before. However, many of us have to face a temporary slow down since many junk files keep accumulating in our phones in the form of unused files, cache and others. Although many of you must have installed anti-virus apps that does mobile cleaning job within seconds, it still proves unsuccessful in speeding up the phone sometimes. Read below to know about different ways through which you can speed up your Android smartphone easily. 

Simple restart

Restarting your Android mobile is one of the easiest ways to increase its performance. When you restart your phone, just like laptops or computers, it has to undergo many processes which are why restart can take a few minutes. When rebooting the device, temporary files are closed while the phone’s RAM is cleaned of junk files automatically which increases your device speed. 

Software update

Android keeps updating and launching newer versions to ensure bugs are removed and Android perform better. Hence, it is important to keep your device updated so that your machine works appropriately. Just go to settings and check if any new update is available on your phone or not. You can also find an update option in Play Store to update inbuilt apps. 

Uninstalling or disabling unused applications

Although today Android phones are equipped with good storage capacity, they still have a pre-determined limit, crossing which our device starts lagging. Therefore, you must uninstall or disable unused apps which take up space on your device unnecessarily. You can check your phone apps in the settings where all apps are listed chronologically or according to file size. Identify which apps are unused or have been downloaded mistakenly by you. Tap on them and uninstall or disable them if uninstall option is unavailable. 

Remove excessive widgets and clean the home screen

If you love to keep widgets on your phone to add a little fun, you must know that they take up a significant amount of space in your phone’s memory. You can enhance your Android phone speed by removing multiple widgets which are of lesser use. Removing them from your home screen is also important as it impacts your device performance to some extent. Just hold them and remove or drag them to remove icon on your mobile device. Also, static images or unused icons reduce device speed and hence must be removed from the home screen.

Clearing cache data

The cache data of apps help them in making the app faster by pulling data from the cache. But you must keep cleaning it frequently so that the apps do not pile up cache data unnecessarily. Even though you update your apps, the older cache is not removed itself which reduces mobile speed. Thus, remove them by finding cache data in the app list in the settings. 

Do not use data sync and background data options

Android phones are programmed in a way that they sync background data and notify you when a new message is received by the app. Disable this feature if you do not use the app. Application notifications will stop coming unless you open them by yourself. Closing background data usage will further save your device’s battery and make them faster. 

Lite Versions of Apps

Some of the popular apps like Twitter and Facebook offer Lite versions to mobile users. The Lite version enhances device performance besides reducing data usage to make your phone faster. Lite version apps can be downloaded by smartphone users having little memory also. 

Never install apps from unknown sources

Online apps look compelling to download but in reality, they want to control your device and are mostly fake. Some of the apps seek to steal your device information and sell them to a third party for advertising or other purposes. So, always install apps from known and reputed sites like Google Play Store. 

Use a customised ROM

Customised ROM is doing great for Android phones which have become outdated and do not receive OS updates. You can get a custom ROM that does not have bloatware and can offer various adjustments and customizations. Find out which ROM model will fulfil your device’s needs and make your Android phone faster. 

Factory reset

If all the above tips and techniques fail to speed up your mobile performance, it is better if you could do a factory reset. Just go to settings and click on the factory reset option. Ensure that you have made a backup for all files and folders which can be downloaded later. A soft reset can help you clean your device data, photos, apps, caches and videos while deeper cleaning boots recovery mode and enable a hard reset of the device. Use soft reset unless your phone has become extraordinarily slow since hard reset may take a longer time. 

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